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WIth Denilia Cotton and Band

9pm-10pm on friday at Rockwood music hall room 3 (downstairs).    for tix


Danielia Cotton has really been making a name for herself. She’s received praise from big publications such as NPR, Los Angeles Times, Boston Herald, and New York Times. On top of that, she’s opened up for huge legendary acts, such as Bon Jovi, B. B. King, The Allman Brothers, Derek Trucks, Robert Cray, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Coming from a family of talented musicians, naturally, Danielia chose this path as well. She has just released a new album, titled A Prayer, and I got to listen to a track off of it called “Wasted”.

Man, this track is powerful. A cool blend of instruments start out the song, creating swells and a catchy beat. When Danielia starts singing, you can instantly tell that she’s putting her heart and soul behind her lyrics, as she sings, “why were you wasted?” Her voice is a force of nature that propels the piece. You can hear her pain and heartache and she’s broken when she sings, “why can’t you see that you’re hurting us both?” This tune is filled with raw emotion that makes you really connect with the song. This track is just beautiful.

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