Frank Ponzio is a jazz pianist, composer, arranger and teacher. He has performed and collaborated with a variety of well-known artists, including Ben Vereen, David Amram, Phil Donahue, Jacques d’Amboise, Joe Beck, Nancy LaMott, Baby Jane Dexter, Bob McGrath of Sesame Street, Rosemary Loar, and Aisha Morris (Stevie Wonder's daughter). 

He performs solo concerts and leads his own bands at the legendary Birdland, the Metropolitan Room, The Museum of Modern Art, Trinity Church, Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, and Town Hall. As a music director, composer, and arranger, Frank has worked on numerous productions, including shows at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Cooper-Hewitt Museum, and the Paramount Theater at Madison Square Garden.

"What I appreciate most about Frank Ponzio is his genuine sincerity towards and "across the footlights" connection with his audience. …. his rapport with the audience is a key aspect of the total performance .... He warmly invites his audience to enter his world and experience the same passion for the music that he personifies."  Lawrence J. Knowles, Ph.D., Director of Arts, John Addison Concert Hall, Fort Washington, MD.

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Inspiring & Transformational Teachings Spirit-filled New Thought Church with
Gospel music and guided meditation.

with Eleanor Dubinsky and band Turn It Around live at the #MYWTC Summer Concert Series in Lower Manhattan, NYC September 13, 2018
Turn It Around is by Eleanor Dubinsky and Frank Ponzio (BMI)
Eleanor Dubinsky: lead vocals Maggie Collier: backing vocals Abena Malika: backing vocals Wesley Amorim: 7 string guitar Frank Ponzio: keyboard Benhur Oliveira: drums Arei Sekiguchi: percussion Michael O'Brien: bass

New York Times Original Song Mention. Song written by Danielia Cotton (mostly) and Frank Ponzio.
By Jon Pareles, NY Times.
Happy to be working and writing with Danielia Cotton

Quote from a week of performances in Paris, France
Thank you for an absolutely magical night. Frank is extraordinary. He is a musician that achieves the seemingly impossible: he brings his own beautiful spirit into music. We loved hearing him play and loved also hearing him speak - with such knowledge, depth, but also with kindness, generosity and humility

Part of a new review from a performance with the vocalist Rosemary Loar, bassist Tom Hubbard and drummer, Vito Leszcak. 
"The highlight of the evening is Frank Ponzio's trenchant, imaginative arrangement of "Cold" (Annie Lennox). We begin with understated piano, bowed bass, patted drum and shivering cymbal. Vocal arrives pained, yet satiny. Eyes close, one arm floats, palm up. It's a visceral, in-tune wail, advancing and retreating. Music gradually swells becoming lush. Feels like standing under a waterfall of sound. Then, aria da capo, piano drops back, bass thrums, drum tiptoes out (leaving footprints), vocal echoes. From the inside out, Loar stakes a worthy claim on the material." 
Alix Cohen  April 15, 2016

Opening Song from a recent Solo Piano Concert at St. Michael's Church, NYC.  St. Louis Blues.
Video by Roberta Berman

Performing Sting's, Until.
St. Michael's Church jan, 2017, NYC
Video by Roberta Berman

A new arrangement of Soon, by George Gerswhin. All arranged and recorded at my studio on 73rd st. in NYC.
Annie Kozuch, Vocalist

This Sunday and every Sunday
Inspiring & Transformational Teachings Spirit-filled New Thought Church with Gospel music and guided meditation.  
Full Choir and 4 piece Band. sounds great!

Restoration Plaza – Skylight Gallery
1368 Fulton St, 3rd Floor   - nearest trains A&C
Brooklyn, NY 11216
Doors Open: 10:00 AM    
Celebration Begins: 10:30 am till 12:00 pm


Just completed a new short Film with artist Roberta Berman
for Full screen version click here


"Like jazz, each sculpture is both premeditated and improvisational, incorporating structural forms of ancient-styled instruments with her personal, sculptural journey. While the sculpture emerges, it finds its own voice, a palette of pitches and textures. Viewers are invited to explore them. Performance artists are invited to compose with them."
Roberta Berman, sculptor, producer and director.          

Video: Whisper Not
At the West End Lounge
with  Kathyrn Allyn, vocals
Tom Hubbard, bass & Vito Lesczak, drums