Frank's unique solo concert programs combine great American standards with entertaining
commentary and anecdotes about the composers as well as the song's historical and social context. Frank’s signature interpretations willtransport you on a personal journey through this rich heritage, from George Gershwin and Duke Ellington to James Taylor and Stevie Wonder.

       "I cannot believe we were able to get such a great artist for our concert series. It was wonderful.
  He even gaveus
a chance to ask  questions about the music he performed. I'm still getting raves on the
program and
requests to   have you back."       Fred Frye, Presbyterian Church of Ridgewood, NJ.

The Frank Ponzio Trio is known for its fresh approach to old and new standards and for its original compositions. Featuring Mark Peterson (bassist for Cassandra Wilson) and Vito Lesczak (drummer for Andy Bey and Jon Hendricks & Annie Ross), the trio's next CD will be released on the CAP label this year.

       "From their entrance onto the stage to their final bow the trio's mastery of the music's style and form were exceptional, keeping a very appreciative audience rapt for over two hours, including myself. The choice of musical selection was always geared toward both entertaining and educating the audience, sometimes a difficult balance to maintain." Lawrence J. Knowles, Ph.D., Director of Arts, John Addison Concert Hall. Ft Washington,MD.

He has done many presentation/performances including The Art of Listening, A Musical Exploration.
It is an interactive presentation that helps raise one's awareness of listening, the importance of connection through listening and helps one listen more fully using the art of music.                               

            "What stood out that evening and what remains now is not only the wonderful music and the amazing       skill and knowledge Mr. Ponzio has acquired through his years of loving dedication but this lasting impression
I have of him--the kindness, love, patience, humility, openness and willing generosity he seemed to just be."    
audience member, 
Charlotte   re:  The Art of Listening,  A Musical Exploration. Walkill, NY

         "The Century Singers have been loud in praise of your piano, and what a pleasure it was to work with you. For my part, I am also very aware of how much imagination you brought to the just-right arrangements and direction of the musicians. It all made for a show that was boffo.
We couldn't have done it without you."     
—Stowe Phelps, The Century Club, New York

Frank Ponzio, Rosemary Loar and Waldron Ricks at The Metropolitan Room, NYC

Frank Ponzio, Rosemary Loar and Waldron Ricks at The Metropolitan Room, NYC

Sting*chronicity  with vocalist,  Rosemary Loar, Tom Hubbard, bass and Barry Kleinbort, director.
A combination of monologues with a variety of musical arrangements of the contemporary songwriter, Sting. Rosemary uses Sting’s music to paint a pastiche of the trials and triumphs of today’s women. 
Full show description and video           A review         
Rosemary Loar's website

"The show is audacious, unique, well calibrated, and juicy. You'll never listen to Sting the same way again."
When Harry Met The Duke
 The music of Harold Arlen and Duke Ellington with Waldron Ricks, trumpet.
'Loar can sail from bright to dusky in a blink, peel vibrato to lingering sssss, and detonate a lyric without overselling. There’s a beautiful horn

solo and piano music so tender hands seem barely to stroke the keys."   Alix Cohen Cabaret Scenes July 18, 2013
"Rosemary Loar’s 'STING*chronicity'  does what all good songbook shows are supposed to do: give you a fresh perspective on the music of an iconic composer and remind you of how well their songs stand up to a new interpretation. It’s the rare show that I want to see more than once, while, at the same time, it keeps sending  me back to my Sting albums."      Will Friedwald - Wall Street Journal

Frank Ponzio, keys     Eleanor Dubinsky,vocals, cello & guitar     Bashiri Johnson,percussion     Mark Peterson, bass

Frank Ponzio, keys     Eleanor Dubinsky,vocals, cello & guitar    
Bashiri Johnson,percussion     Mark Peterson, bass

"Eleanor’s music is all about connection and empowerment. It makes me feel transported to a sandy beach, where I can be free and dip my toes 
the water."   - Glamour Magazine
Eleanor Dubinsky is a New York City based singer-songwriter, cellist, guitarist and performance artist. She sings in English, French and Spanish, and her songs combine soothing vocals with rhythms from Brazil, Latin America and West Africa. Eleanor’s songs have been featured on MTV, Lifetime and Animal Planet, ads for American Express, on NPR and on radio stations in Latin America. Her song, “Wait For You” won the Sennheiser recording contest at the 2012 ASCAP EXPO and she was voted Best Francophone Singer by French Culture Guides in 2010. Eleanor has released two CDs: Touch The Sky and Listen To The Music as well as several singles  
video/Listen to the Music     more mp3 links of band live******

V is for Victory Disc: Doing It For Defense          See/hear Nearness of You
With Kathryn Allyn on vocals and featuring Tom Hubbard (bass), Hayes Greenfield (sax) and Scott Neumann (drums), this set explores the Pentagon’s WWII "Victory Disc Program". During the war, the US Army waded into a bruiser of a musicians’ strike to produce its own music for the troops. Ultimately, the great acts of the day laid down tracks for the Army and, in all, the government recorded, pressed and shipped 8,000,000 records to soldiers scattered over three continents, in every theater of war.  This fascinating and largely unknown story in American popular music is told through WWII-era swing and jazz recorded for the Program by artists like Jo Stafford, Dinah Shore, Peggy Lee and Billie Holiday.  The set includes beloved standards and a selection of rarities which, thanks to the smuggling efforts of our soldiers and the preservation efforts of the Library of Congress, have not been lost to time.  
more information
Kathryn's performance is at once poignant and witty. She invites her listeners to laugh along with the songwriters, without poking fun at a bygone era. Her reverence for each meticulously researched song is evident in every lovingly rendered moment of her performance. We have never had a more enjoyable cabaret experience.”-- Chris Fecteau and Karen Rich, Dell'Arte Opera Ensemble. 

I have the great pleasure of composing and recording scores for the artist Roberta Berman. Earlier this year the project was M2M, Midnight to Midnight.
Berman's sculptures and poetry are the inspiration for this multi-media film, a collaborative artistic endeavor showing that every box has extraordinary dimensionality. Every box has its story, and everyone has a story about a box. Music, choreography, lighting and filming bring this concept to life.
Filming and composing is taking place in august for a new project, Prehistoric Blues.
"Like jazz, each sculpture is both premeditated and improvisational, incorporating structural forms of ancient-styled instruments with her personal, sculptural journey. While the sculpture emerges, it finds its own voice, a palette of pitches and textures. Viewers are invited to explore them. Performance artists are invited to compose with them."   Roberta Berman       link to Vimeo for full picture

Here is (above)  Roberta Berman's new Video - Prehistoric Blues.  I wrote and recorded the music and even ended up in the video.
Berman’s sculptures and poetry, along with Ponzio’s original score, are the core inspiration for this collaborative artistic endeavor. Sculpture, poetry, music, choreography, lighting and set design synergetically create a world unto itself. Prehistoric Blues, a multi-media film, is about memories, "ghosts of our past", that rekindle powerful emotions "at the merest remembrance."

Frank, piano  Saadi Zain, bass  Annie Kozuch, vocals, Cecilia Tenconi, flute Vito Lesczak, drums    not pictured: Sean Harkness, guitar  Cafe, percussion

Frank, piano  Saadi Zain, bass  Annie Kozuch, vocals, Cecilia Tenconi, flute
Vito Lesczak, drums    not pictured: Sean Harkness, guitar  Cafe, percussion

Mostly Jobim with vocalist, Annie Kozuch          iTunes listen to CD
Annie and Frank have been performing for several years from Natchez, MS to New York, NY and have made several recordings including the most recent CD,  Mostly Jobim. It celebrates the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim and his bossa nova music with such favorites as ‘The Girl From Ipanema’, ‘Waters of March’, & 'Wave'.

"This was a well-crafted and programmed show that gave Kozuch the opportunity to display the range of her vocal talent. In this she was wonderfully abetted by the superb musicians. Tenconi played one terrific cd solo after another and Ponzio as a real understanding of the art of accompaniment."       Caught in the Act Jersey Jazz, Joe Lang


Night People with Vocalist, Ken Greves.
"Night eople is an homage to my early youthful days, when hanged and habituated the night scenes and nights capes searching the unnamable thing or experience. This divine restlessness was always seeking newness, satisfaction, release and ultimately peace." says Greves.

"pianist frank Ponzio is eloquent and beautiful whether he is in the spotlight or when he recedes from it to let his boss sing"
Raul de Gama - Jazz Global Media