After decades of performing, teaching and composing I finally see that what we all do is a form of service; serving the music, other performers, the people listening and those who want to learn. This couldn't be more obvious and more joyful than when I play for the Celebration Spiritual Center (CSC) church service every Sunday. I'm also a member of the church. The music opens the heart and unites those who attend. It prepares one for the message/sermon of the day so that it can be received in the heart, mind and body. In those magical moments I get to be an instrument for something greater and the usual little concerns melt away. I get to become of more use. Isn't that all we really want?!

Recent CSC rehearsal video 

Frank is a student at the School of Practical Philosophy, NYC where he studies philosophy (the love of wisdom) with an emphasis on Advaita Vedanta- The philosophy of Unity, Mantra meditation, Socrates and Plato Studies and Sanskrit.
Teaching philosophy classes, he shares in the happiness and freedom that students experience. The performance of music and the practice of philosophical principles naturally inform each other and enrich his life.

Somnathpur Temple near Mysore , India

Somnathpur Temple near Mysore , India

Performing Joy by Kirk Franklin. A clip from a concert at St. Michael's Jan, 2017.
Video by Roberta Berman

A typical Sunday in Brooklyn. Playing for Celebration Spiritual Center.
Words & Music: Greg Stamper for Soul21 Music.